I Bought an RV

I just signed the closing statement for a 36´ Class A motorhome. I’m excited, scared, happy, and overwhelmed all at the same time. I’ve been dreaming of this day for years and today, I’m only a few short days from making that dream a reality.

What the future holds I haven’t a clue. I know that the immediate future will include hard work, new skills development, frustration and celebration. Once I bring Holly home, that’s what I’m calling her, the renovation work begins. Yes, I’ve actually been excited about this part of the journey despite the fact that I have zero experience with renovations outside of picking up a brush and painting a wall.

I’m willing to learn and with the help, support and prayers from family and friends I know I can do this. Let the adventure begin.

Back at Bethel Camp

On the road again ……

We’re back in Hampton at the military campground Bethel Family Park near Langley AFB. We arrived on August 1st with absolutely zero issues. Although not an extremely long drive there’s always a chance, especially with Holly’s past radiator issues. I’m happy to say we experienced zero leaks.

The site we’ve been assigned is beautiful; a large corner lot with a hard surface for Holly and lots of trees. Compared to Rockahock where you could see inside your neighbor’s RV and full sun it’s a complete 180. It’s much quieter and darker in Holly because of the full shade. Also the AC doesn’t have to work as hard to keep us cool. I do however miss my neighbors so it tends to be a bit lonelier. You know what that means right? More crafts! 😉

All set up on a large shady corner lot.
The awning are out but it’s really about catching pine needles and cones more than providing shade.
The girls out for some sunshine and exploring.
Rosie loves to explore in the woods.

The girls have acclimated to their new surroundings. Darcy loves her twice daily walks around the park. She gets to be off the leash and explore while keeping a keen eye on the squirrels and ducks. My sweet old girl is slowing down a bit now that she’s 13. She’s still goofy as ever, sweet and lovable.

We were in Georgia last month for a week of birthday and wedding celebrations. It’s always great to see the Sifre family. Nobody parties harder than a Sifre – NOBODY! Food galore, music and lots of laughing. I always have to come home to recuperate and lose the weight I’ve gained from the eating marathon. 😜

This weekend I’m heading to South Carolina to meet my daughter Lynette and granddaughter Callan. It’s been almost a year since I’ve seen them. They’re camping at a farm in Tillman. I’ll be staying with them in their RV Caroline along with their 2 pups and 2 cats. I’ve decided not to bring Darcy and Rosie this time for a couple of reasons including space.

Craft table.
Several repurposed bottles.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure. I know it’s not quite what any of us expected, but hopefully next year we will be able to finally break away from Virginia and begin the travel phase of this adventure.

Until next time, remember to enjoy the journey, be kind to others and God bless.

Do things for people not because of who they are or what they do in return, but because of who you are.

Harold S. Kushner

Happy 246th Birthday! 🇺🇸

Warning: Not the usual happy-go-lucky post

It’s the July 4th celebration this weekend. If you’ve read my last few blogs then you know what I’m doing today …. laundry! It’s a balmy 86 degrees with a light breeze and only 62% humidity. The campground is packed with activities in full swing. Golf carts are decorated in red, white and blue ready for the parade this afternoon. Flags are displayed on bikes, golf carts and RV’s everywhere; Old Glory, Trump and my personal favorite; the Confederate flag. That’s a sarcastic remark by the way.

I don’t feel much like celebrating. I don’t recognize my country anymore. The amount of intolerance for peoples of color, other cultures, religions or gender identity is just too much. Don’t get me wrong I’m not naïve. I know these people existed but they where in the closet so to speak. I wasn’t subjected to their straight evangelical whites only idealism daily; that is until 2016 when Trump gave them permission to come out of the closet and openly, harshly, decidedly express their intolerance and hatred for anyone that was non-white, non-straight and non-evangelical.

I feel out of place here in Rockahock Campground. If they really knew my heart I would be unwelcome. I would be called a leftist, liberal, pro-choice, anti-gun ignorant bitch …. or worse. And if they heard me speak Spanish they would tell me to go back to Mexico despite the fact that I was born in Chicago, Illinois to parents born in Puerto Rico as American citizens. This is the truth of America today. No longer United States of America but rather Divided States of America.

The OK sign has new meaning in today’s America. It’s the sign of White Supremacy. In this campground it’s the welcome flag.

My Heart Hurts 💔

My heart hurts! It hurts for those marginalized by the ignorance of these so called “Patriots”. It hurts for the children of these “patriots” whom are being raised to be intolerant; indoctrinated in the law of the south. My heart hurts for what they’re missing because of their intolerance; the joy of knowing another’s culture, another’s customs, beliefs, another’s heart. I hurt for my grandchildren and the kind of world they’ve inherited.

Well the laundry is done and I’m back home relaxing in the A/C. I’m sure I’ll feel better emotionally before the end of the day. I wish that you and yours have a wonderful weekend celebrating our Independence Day. Take time to reflect on how this nation came to become independent, why the Constitution was written and its intent.

Until next time, thanks for following me, remember to enjoy the journey and God bless.

Golf Cart and Bicycle Parade

My neighbor Jennifer, activities director, leads the parade.
This is Jennifer’s youngest son AJ.
These toddlers were adorable in the parade.
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